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Compliance & Science

Antiquity is highly regarded for our efficient and thorough Cultural Resource Management Services

What is a cultural resource survey?

A cultural resource survey/assessment is a process designed to provide local, state, and federal agencies, and Tribal governments with the opportunity to assess potential project impacts to historic/archaeological sites, buildings, districts, or properties. Antiquity conducts assessments for SEPA and other local permit reviews, Executive Order 21-02, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.


Our staff can typically provide an assessment of your project area within 45 days of a notice to proceed. We are one of few consulting firms in the Northwest that has gone digital, meaning we save you time and money! 

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About Antiquity

Antiquity was founded in 2018 by Principal Investigator Beth Mathews. Her experience in cultural resource management throughout the Northwest impressed upon her the need to improve the quality of archaeological and historical research in the southern Puget Sound, and improve equity in the field of cultural resource management.

Based in Tumwater, Washington our typical service area includes Thurston, Pierce, Kitsap, King, Mason, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Klallam, Pacific, Lewis, and Cowlitz Counties. 

Antiquity is renowned for our thorough and creative approach to resolving difficult cultural resource management issues. We pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate compliance issues as efficiently as possible while minimizing impacts to projects. Our client's projects benefit from our history of collaborative management, as we respectfully consider the concerns of local governments, State and Federal agencies, Tribes, and the public. Our exhaustive approach to archaeological and historical research and context development and our scientific integrity ensure that our assessments are well-informed and minimize risk and delay.

Cultural Resource Services

Our cultural resource services include archaeological monitoring, archaeological monitoring and inadvertent discovery planning, cultural resources training, archaeological and cultural resources survey and assessment, archaeological site testing and site eligibility recommendations/determinations, historical and archaeological context development, and historical and archaeological research.

Archaeological Monitoring & Inadvertent Discovery Planning


Antiquity will work with your crew and project management to ensure cultural resource finds are appropriately managed without unnecessary delays. Our staff have extensive experience working on active construction sites in a wide variety of industries, making us uniquely qualified to efficiently manage your project's needs. Antiquity can also assist you with preparation of an inadvertent/ unanticipated discovery plan for your project’s ground-disturbing activities.

Archaeological & Cultural Resource Survey

Archaeological field technician holding a projectile point while recording information on a tablet

Surveys typically include pedestrian survey and shovel probe survey methods. During this process we study the risk that your project will encounter archaeological resources and help you avoid costly impacts to your project.

Cultural Resources Training

Cultural resource training materials

Antiquity regularly provides cultural resources training for project staff who may encounter archaeology during their ground disturbing work. Under RCW 27.53.060, knowing disturbance to archaeological sites requires archaeological permits. An inadvertent discovery of archaeological resources requires consultation with the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Tribes, and State and local agencies. At Antiquity we take a hands-on approach to teaching this process, including

artifact identification demonstrations which we feel are  beneficial to staff engaging with the training and appreciating our shared archaeological responsibilities.

Our Clients & Partners

Most of our clients are private property owners who are developing single-family residences or improving their property. We understand that an archaeological survey is an unexpected project cost, and work to deliver affordable and efficient services. We also understand that the request for a survey is often the last piece of a permit application, and will work with you to meet your project's deadlines. Some of our corporate and government clients include:

Hand holding a bifacial lithic tool in the field

American Forest Management

Brumfield Construction, Inc.

City of Aberdeen

City of Westport Public Works

Green Diamond

Hatton Godat Pantier, Inc.

JSA Civil

Kaufman Construction & Development

Kirkbride Group

Lewis County

Marine Floats

Mason County PUD 3

Nisqually Indian Tribe

Nisqually Land Trust

Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

Pacific Northwest Bulkhead

Pierce Conservation District

Platypus Marine

Port of Willapa Harbor

Thurston Conservation District

Thurston County

Thurston Housing Authority

Tumwater Craft District

Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife

Wild Fish Conservancy

We can assist you with your cultural resource management needs

Suite A, 4800 Capitol Blvd SE, Tumwater, WA 98501

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