Antiquity Services

Antiquity Consulting, LLC is committed to providing high-quality, efficient historical and archaeological services, including cultural resource assessments, archaeological monitoring, inadvertent discovery plans, archaeological survey and testing, archaeological data recovery and mitigation, site damage assessments, archaeological inventories, historic register recommendations of eligibility and nominations, historic property inventory, and HABS/HAER documentation, in compliance with local regulatory requirements, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Governor’s Executive Order 05-05 (GEO 05-05), and Section 106/110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

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Cultural Resource Assessments

A cultural resource assessment is a process designed to provide local, state, and federal agencies, and Tribal governments with the opportunity to assess potential project impacts to historic/archaeological sites, buildings, districts, or properties. Our staff can typically provide an assessment of your project area within 30 days of a notice to proceed.

Archaeological Monitoring & Inadvertent Discovery Planning

Antiquity will work with your crew and project management to ensure cultural resource finds are appropriately managed without unnecessary delays. Antiquity can also assist you with preparation of an inadvertent/ unanticipated discovery plan for your project’s ground-disturbing activities.

Site Eligibility Determinations

Eligibility determinations must be made for archaeological sites and historic properties prior to impacting these cultural resources. Antiquity can assist  with researching these sites/properties and submitting archaeological site forms to local, state and federal agencies, Tribes, and the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.


Historic Context Development

Our highly qualified staff have extensive experience conducting cultural resource management services across Washington State, and we are enthusiastic proponents of building comprehensive historic contexts and research programs which encourage management efficiency.

Archaeological Site
Survey & Inventory

Antiquity proudly uses digital data collection methods in the field, offering our clients efficient archaeological survey and inventory methods.

Archaeological Testing & Data Recovery

Antiquity prioritizes robust historical context development and research design services and Tribal and agency coordination during archaeological testing and data recovery to provide superior archaeological testing and data recovery processes.