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Mission Statement

Antiquity Consulting is committed to providing high-quality, efficient historical and archaeological services, including cultural resource assessments, archaeological monitoring, inadvertent discovery plans, archaeological survey, and site damage assessments in compliance with local regulatory requirements, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Governor’s Executive Order 05-05 (GEO 05-05), and Section 106/110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).


Qualifications Summary

Archaeologist Beth Mathews, who meets the U.S. Secretary of the Interior qualifications for Archaeology in both Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology, has experience with residence/development/road/bridge/utilities construction, culvert and bulkhead replacement, conservation, logging, and fuels management projects. Antiquity is a woman-owned small business based in Olympia, Washington.


Archaeological Monitoring

Antiquity specializes in archaeological monitoring on construction sites. A project may need monitoring for cultural resources depending on site factors like nearby presence of archaeological or historical sites, depth of excavation, and degree of integrity of soils. Our qualified archaeologist can assess your monitoring needs and be on site to monitor and manage potential impacts to cultural resources. Beth Mathews has spent hundreds of hours on construction sites and understands that cultural resource services are often an unexpected project task. She will work with your crew and project management to ensure cultural resource finds are professionally managed without unnecessary delays.

Inadvertent/Unanticipated Discovery Plans

Antiquity can also assist you with preparation of an inadvertent/unanticipated discovery plan for your project’s ground-disturbing activities. Various state and federal laws prohibit impacts to cultural resources. A good IDP/UDP will provide project management with a clear and simple plan for what to do and who to contact in the event that your project encounters archaeological or human skeletal materials. A clear concise discovery plan will safeguard your project from unnecessary headaches and delays.

Cultural Resource Assessments

A cultural resource assessment is a process designed to provide local, state, and federal agencies, and tribal governments with the opportunity to assess potential project impacts to historic/archaeological sites, buildings, districts or properties. Antiquity specializes in Thurston County permit review cultural resources assessments, having expertise in Thurston County history.

Archaeological Site Inventories and Eligibility Determinations

Eligibility determinations must be made for archaeological sites and historic properties prior to impacting these cultural resources. Agencies may also require eligibility determinations for long-term management of resources. Our qualified staff are experienced at designing research plans that thoroughly assess the historic significance and integrity of archaeological sites and historic properties. Antiquity can assist you with researching these sites/properties and submitting archaeological site forms to local, state and federal agencies, tribes, and the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

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