Photo: Passport document from 1900 discovered during property history research.

Genealogical Research

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Are you a descendant of the pilgrims? Or maybe royalty? When did your family move out west? Was great grandma really a homesteader and where was her farm? Family trees are lush with drama, achievement, love, and history worthy of telling. And historians like me love searching through dusty black and white documents to find those one of a kind family stories.

My Family History Story

When I was 10 years old my mother spoke to her birth father for the first time. Back in 1992, it took her a year of research in libraries and long-distance phone calls to begin to build her family tree. Today, records are much easier to access. I have expanded on my mother's work, and our family tree now includes nearly 700 people and a lot of American history. The combination of my curiosity about my own family history, and my work as a Northwest historian led me to begin offering genealogy research services.

Genealogy Services

Sessions include the indicated number of hours of research, as well as the development of a family pedigree on family group sheets. To build your tree I use documents like census, marriage, death, birth, military, immigration, and land records, city directories, and historical maps. My research sessions range from 2 hours to 100 hours, and are based on the types of information I can typically gather in that time. I cannot guarantee what I'll find, but I can tell you it'll be a great story.

"Roots" Research Session

100 hours

"Trunk" Research Session

20 hours

"Branches" Research Session

5 hour session

"Leaves" Research Session

2 hour session

In a 2-hour session I can typically confirm or discover information on 2 generations of a lineage (your parents and your grandparents). The tree I produce at the end of this session is a simple pedigree with full names, and birth and death information.

Research goals for the "Leaves" session might include things like:

  • "Where was my grandmother from?"

  • "Who were my paternal grandparents?"

  • "Where is my grandfather buried?"

To book a research session or find out more, please email Beth at

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